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Year 3

Hello, welcome to year 3.

We are:

Miss Lewis – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Milburn – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Stevenson – Year 3 Teacher of the Deaf
Mrs Mulligan – TA

Mrs Speight – TA
Mrs Asif – 1 to 1 support (Mon-Wed)
Miss Garrity – 1 to 1 support (Thurs-Fri)

Within Key Stage 2, which is a slightly longer school day, we expect the children to become more responsible for their own learning.  Children need to take account for remembering their own items needed daily – including their  reading books, spelling books and times table books as well as PE kits each week.

Topic homework is given at the beginning of a half term and we expect the children to complete a minimum of 4 of the tasks over the half term. If this is completed. they will be rewarded with a small prize and a larger one if they are able to complete all homework set.

Children will receive weekly spellings to practice (handed out on a Monday with the test on a Friday).  Please help your children to practice their spellings – be creative make the words with magnetic letters, playdough, get them writing them in chalk or icing the words on cakes.  Anything to help them learn the words.

Reading books will be changed in mainstream on a Tuesday and Friday – again please help your child by listening to them read a minimum of 3 times a week, but really everyday would be better – even if it for 5 minutes.  If you could please sign their reading record and put a comment about their reading, we would appreciate it.  Reading at home will be awarded with certificates and prizes in Golden Assembly.




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