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Governors at Sunnyside Academy are playing an ever increasing role in the life of the school.

Our Chair of Governors visits the school regularly to take part in and observe lessons, accompany children on Educational Visits and discuss school development with the school’s Senior Leadership Team. Our Vice Chair of Governors has been instrumental, alongside the Head teacher, in the formation of The Discovery Alliance Umbrella Trust whereby Sunnyside has become a converter Academy. Our Parent and Community Governors have vastly increased their knowledge of the school and its workings over the last four years. All Governors provide an appropriate amount of challenge for all senior leaders at the school. Governor open days are held termly to enable Governors to work alongside our children, observe good practice and feedback to all concerned.

How do Governors support and challenge at Sunnyside?

Governors at Sunnyside are in the process of completing four Governor Visit days. During the first day in May 2014 they looked into how Teaching Assistants were deployed across school and whether the children in school were ‘on task’. Governors commented that Teaching Assistants did an excellent job whether they were undertaking an intervention with a group of children or facilitating learning in the classroom. They also felt that the children they observed were very enthusiastic about the experiential curriculum presented to them. No low level disruption was noted. Governors next open day is on October 21st 2014.

Head Teacher

Mrs Ruth Parker (Interim Head)

Staff Governors


Mrs Gillian Holborn

Mrs Sharon Lipthorpe

Parent Governors

Mr Michael Allen-Mulroy


Mrs Nicola Fox

Mrs Sarah Welburn

Mrs Helen Robinson

 Community Governors

Mrs Margaret Madden (Chair)
Mrs Deborah Whitehead
Mr Colin Geddes (Vice Chair)


Mrs Clare Hall
Ms Susan Tuffin

Governors Details Sept 2016

Governor's Pecuniary Interest Sept 2015

People with Significant Control Register

Name of Governor Current Employment Business (of which partner or sole proprietor) Company Directorship - details of all companies of which I am a director Charity Trusteeship - details of all companies of which I am a trustee Member of professional bodies, organisations, public bodies or special interest groups of which I am a member and have a position of general control or management Gifts/Hospitality offered by external bodies while acting as a governor/trustee and whether this was declined or accepted in the last 12 months Contracts offered by trustee of goods/services to the school Any other conflict Relationship to staff: immediate family/close connections to governor/trustee Company directorships or trusteeships of family/close connections to governor/trustee.
Ruth Parker Sunnyside Academy                  
Margaret Madden Retired                  
Colin Geddes EFA                  
Michael Allen-Mulroy Wise Ark Ltd Wise Ark Ltd                
Parent Governor Vacancy                    
Nicky Fox N/A                  
Karen Edmenson Hemlington Hall Academy Hemlington Hall Academy     Hemlington Hall Academy          
Sharon Linthorpe Sunnyside Academy                  
Sarah Welburn MBC                  
Dan Burns Sunnyside Academy                  
Gill Holborn Sunnyside Academy                  
Helen Robinson Rainham Industrial Svcs                  
Debi Whitehead Tesco                  

Governor Attendance

Trustees Meetings Attended Out of Possible
Mrs M Madden (Chair) 3 3
Mr C Geddes (Vice Chair) 3 3
Mrs N Fox 2 3
Mr M Allen-Mulroy 3 3
Mrs W Atkinson 3 3
Mr A Dunn (Accounting Officer) 2 3
Mrs S Lipthorpe 2 3
Mr M Barry 2 3
Mrs G Holborn 2 3
Mrs K Edmenson 1 3
Mrs D Whitehead 2 3
Mrs S Welburn 2 3
Ms H L Robinson 2 3


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